Our Objectives

  • To source construction project financing both short and long term loans for construction projects both in Kenya and other Eastern African Countries;
  • To undertake feasibility studies and preparation of investment reports in any sector of the Economy;
  • To offer construction project management consultancy and manage the erection and construction of all types of buildings; including flats, office blocks, hotels, shops, restaurants and other structures related to accommodation, commercial use and on any type of land properties and rebuild, alter, extend and improve existing structures;
  • To form strategic partnerships for financing, construction, marketing and overall project management from inception to the end;
  • To ensure effective and efficient use of construction resources to meet the client’s expectations, mainly by offering top notch project management services in construction to fully realize the project;
  • To work out the best financing option to our clients and the banks financing the projects to avoid/mitigate risks associated with the project while maximizing the benefits to all stakeholders in the project execution and financing;
  • To mobilize the most qualified and motivated team to execute construction projects in any project being undertaken by our clients; and
  • Fill the gap of honest advisors to the clients on project financing and the costs levied on the project from initiation to completion and handover.